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What is Account Aggregation?
What is uMonitor?
What is the history of uMonitor?
Who oversees uMonitor.?
What are uMonitor.'s target markets?
What is uMonitor.'s technology platform?
How secure is uMonitor.?
What about wireless capabilities?

1 . What is Account Aggregation?

Account aggregation is a technology embedded in a Web site, where the users of that site can monitor all of their desired information from that one place. People use the Internet for personal use reading email, gathering financial information, conducting research, playing games and buying products.  hey also use Internet and Intranet at work to gather information, get email, and interact with specific business applications. People today mostly connect to the Internet using wireline connections.

However, as wireless services become more affordable and wireless data applications become readily available, more and more people connect to the Internet through phones and PDA‑based communicators.

People begin use of the Internet at their home page and many then go to their list of ‘favorites’ in the browser, or they go to a search engine to look for information they would like to read, or they go to where they can access personal data such as their bank or brokerage Web site. Inevitably, they jump from site to site to get the information they need or to conduct transactions.

On the other hand, the tremendous number of sites on the web makes it very difficult for operators to get users to revisit a specific site frequently. As much as 80% of surfing traffic only visits a site once, never to return. Web sites need ‘sticky’ applications to bring users back more often and for longer periods of time.

This culture of individuals surfing the net has rapidly grown and has found huge followings throughout the world.Meanwhile, Web sites employ various tactics to attract them. Businesses, small and large, have created services to target this ever‑growing audience of Netcentric people.  We believe, however, that the surfing paradigm is inherently inefficient for productive business or personal activities.

uMonitor. solves this loss of productivity while ‘surfing the net’ problem for people by allowing them to easily monitor their environment. uMonitor becomes the consumers Command and Control Center. uMonitor acts as the subscriber’s agent, collecting information from selected places using state of the art technology and then presenting the information in an easy-to-use, customizable format. Once users have the desired information, they can take necessary actions from the same place. With a single click, they will be logged into the source Web site.

With uMonitor. Selected information from uMonitor can be delivered when and where a user wants via to a cell phone, PDA or pager. This will build heavy repeat visit traffic to uMonitor-powered sites.

Surfing activities on the net can be time consuming and tedious.  Those who are interested in using the net for personal and business accomplishments will be interested in a different paradigm.  uMonitor believes there exists an opportunity to provide an Internet‑based service that will change the paradigm from one of surfing from place to place to using one central or personal site.  In the new paradigm, an aggregation agent or service would do specific tasks for the user; improve productivity and offer control without requiring the user to surf from site to site. These new services are available on both wireline and wireless networks.


2. What is uMonitor.?

uMonitor. is an information aggregation technology provider which enables our clients of offer a private labeled account aggregation and uMAdvisor based customer relationship management service. Customers can log into one site, enter their user id and password for all of their bank accounts, portfolios, credit cards, shopping portals, frequent flyer miles, etc. just one time and then, going forward be able to log into that site with just one id and password and access and make transactions on all of their accounts. This application increases web site “stickiness”, reduces customer churn and provides an additional source of revenue from targeted marketing. uMAdvisor enhances the client-advisor relationship by allowing the advisor to review a total picture of internal and external assets and liabilities and offering unprecedented level of client management capabilities.


3 . What is the history of uMonitor.?

uMonitor began in February 1999. uMonitor launched account aggregation platform in year 2000, enhanced services in 2001 and uMAdvisor service in 2002.


4. Who created uMonitor.?

CEO, Dinesh Sheth, a visionary with over 20 years of experience in creating simple solutions to complex problem founded the company in 1999. . Wanting to simplify personal online experience, and increase productivity he articulated the uMonitor concept and built the service.


5. Who oversees uMonitor.?

The senior management team of uMonitor has extensive background in the appropriate disciplines to make the company a leader in its field. Management brings knowledge of large scale, high volume systems development, wireless, financial eCommerce, and high tech and financial sales.

Executive officers of the Company are as follows:
Name Position
Dinesh Sheth President and CEO
Bysakh Bhasi Chief Technology Officer
Sanjiv Desai Chief Information Officer
Cynthia Hofmeister Thomas Vice President of Marketing
Richard Whiddon Vice President of Sales


6. What are uMonitor’s target markets?

Financial Institutions / Financial Consultants
Private labeled uMonitor's account aggregation platform gives your consumers a centralized secure access to all their personal online accounts including bank statements, investments, email, travel reservations, reward programs, news headlines, and more, at the sites where they already conduct their banking business. By having a consolidated view of all their personal accounts, users can interactively manage and act upon their entire financial portfolio all from one easy-to-use interface. uMAdvisor allows your financial consultants to see total picture of internal and external accounts and enhance client relationship with better advice and service.

Wireless and Telecom Carriers and Device Manufacturers
With the abundance of wireless devices that currently exist, wireless device players need to create a niche in an already crowded space. uMonitor provides that opportunity. uMonitor's revolutionary application is the very type of personalized solution that drives the continued adoption of handheld devices by adding value and convenience for your mobile users.

Internet Service Providers
Every ISP wants their homepage to be their customer's default homepage. However, it requires more than just connectivity to gain the loyalty of today's web savvy users. uMonitor is the value-added service that will distinguish your site from the rest. By becoming your customer's personal portal to their online and wireless environment, uMonitor lets you reposition your brand as Internet-savvy and customer-focused. It increases the value and stickiness of your site by closely integrating it with your customers' daily lives.

Portals and Special Interest Sites
In today's crowded Internet portal space, creating a niche means more than just serving a particular interest. Strengthen your offering and provide the extra level of personalization your customers are looking for with uMonitor. In the process, your site becomes a more popular destination for all your customers. They will stay on your site longer and associate your company with a pleasant, productive and efficient experience of the Internet. This strengthens your brand, making your customer more loyal to you and less willing to choose a competitor.


7. What is uMonitor. technology platform?

uMonitor technology includes web capture, XML, HTML and TCP/IP as underlying technologies. It uses powerful web servers, application servers and applets and servlets built using JAVA, on Unix and NT platforms. uMonitor uses its Simple Information Management Protocol (SIMP) ™ and an intelligent parser to enable this functionality. In addition, we support Open Financial Exchange (OFX) both as an API to capture source information and to download aggregated information into personal financial management (PFM) systems, such as Quicken and Money.

We are also deploying wireless application protocol (WAP), Reflex, SMS and other interfaces to facilitate subscribers having access to all that’s important to them while on the go. Our wireless knowledge and background clearly helps in this endeavor.


8. How Secure is uMonitor?

uMonitor is firmly committed to privacy and security of a users personal information and has established processes and procedures that protect the users information from unauthorized access. The uMonitor service employs a combination of industry-approved security technologies, featuring password-controlled system entry, BBBonline, Truste and VeriSign-issued Digital ID security certificates for the application server, industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and a security firewall between the router and the application server, which regulates the inflow and outflow of communications traffic.

Our system uses a "3 strikes and you're out" lockout mechanism, which prevents repeated login attempts. After three unsuccessful login attempts, the system locks the user out. Once a lockout occurs, a communication (either email or phone) between the user and uMonitor.com is required to verify the user's identity before re-entry into the system is allowed.

Once the server session is established, your computer and our application server are in a secure communications environment. The uMonitor.com server has been certified as a 128-bit secure server by VeriSign, BBBonline, and Truste - the data traveling between us is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. All customer data, including the uMonitor and third party usernames and passwords, and all of the third party customer information is always transmitted in encrypted format. With SSL, this encrypted data can only be decrypted with the public and private key pair.

User initiated information requests are received by the uMonitor.com router(s). The information is then filtered by a firewall to identify and then either block or direct traffic coming to the server. The configuration begins by disallowing ALL traffic and then opens gates only when necessary to process acceptable information requests. All user data is stored in a secure database. Not only the User-ID and password but also all user personal data is encrypted when stored in our database. This protects user information from any unauthorized access to their information. Only users with correct ID and password can access this information. This information is not available to uMonitor.com employees or data center operators.


9. What about wireless capabilities?

uMonitor service is available via cell phone, page or PDA devices. “uMonitor’s most prominent feature is its wireless capability” as reported in the October 2000 Celent Communications Report. Further, uMonitor. is one of the few account aggregation providers who offer a totally in-house wireless solution without relying on a third party for wireless deployment The need to access information on-the-go from a variety of devices is increasing dramatically. According to one analysis, there will be over a billion wireless messaging devices in-use within five years and more people wil be connecting to the Internet using wireless devices (cell phones, pages, PDA based communicators) than traditional PCs.Right now, today, uMonitor users are able to track email, monitor financial accounts, and receive alerts regarding their credit card balances and travel itineraries via wireless devices.