Other Solutions


uPlan® - Total benefits plan management

uPlan®, our comprehensive benefits plan manager, allows employers and designated personnel to register participants and create corresponding benefits accounts (including HSA and IRA accounts) in the system, providing a unique portal for both participating employees and plan administrators.


uPlan also allows participants to choose their contribution amounts and methods, while facilitating automatic funding of the account from payroll deduction and depositing it in the accounts at your institution along with employer's matching contributions.


The benefits of uPlan

Acquire more business customers
Acquire more HSA and IRA accounts from employees
Automate processes for easier plan management
On-going funding of accounts from participants and employers
Monitoring for all regulatory compliance
Easy account rollovers and transfers


Take Advantage of Resources

When used in tandem with uOpen & uFund® as well as uTransfer® money movement capabilities, this solution allows financial institutions the unique ability to create real-time account setup, ongoing funding, monitoring for all regulatory compliance, as well as assistance with roll-overs and transfers.


uReinvest® - Fast, simple CD reinvestment at maturity

uReinvest provides a simple process for customers to reinvest their CDs at maturity. Financial institutions can now send reminders to customers of their upcoming CD maturity dates, provide information on new investment options and provide the ability to reinvest the funds. Customers can choose to fund their new CD with the funds from their maturing CD and also add new funds from external accounts.


Key advantages of uReinvest

Simple, easy, convenient process to reinvest
Automated from online banking or from home page
Reinvestment CD products and promotion options
Select interest distribution methods
Fund from existing CD and add funds via ACH from another account
Improve efficiencies and conversion rate


uPresent® - Pay bills at one convenient location

uPresent offers next generation bill management service that lets you review your bills online and make your payment in biller-direct mode or through a third-party payment processor. Powered by uMonitor technologies, this solution makes online bill payment both easy to setup and easy to use.


The Key Advantages of uPresent

Review all bill amounts and due dates
Single sign-on to biller direct sites
Pay all bills securely in one place
Avoid delays in payment processing
Integrates with other uMonitor services


Enjoy the Versatility

When uPresent's single sign-on capability is used in collaboration with uView® users can easily collect all assets and liabilities information in one place by reaching all financial sources directly from one dashboard. This helps customers manage personal finances.


uVerify® - Compliance, verification and monitoring - all in one

uVerify offers ongoing monitoring and verification of customer information for regulatory compliance for FACT Act, USA Patriot Act, including OFAC check and address verification of your entire customer base, along with the unique ability to make address corrections and generate notices.


The key advantages of uVerify

Ability to compare vital customer data
Identifies any restrictive flags or mismatch information
Identify and process exceptions using your institution's rules
Automates business notice generation and correction
Integrates with core platform for automation and efficiencies


Working with You to Optimize Results

The service is unique in its ability to integrate with your core processing platform and in your institutional workflow as well as its ability to integrate business rules while significantly reducing manual data handling. It's always better to be sure. Make sure you verify

uDocument® - Document upload and sharing in a password protected vault

uDocument provides a secure place for customers to securely store and share documents with their family, lawyer or financial advisors. This service can be used in conjuncture with uOpen & uFund®, online account opening and funding, for needed documentation in opening business accounts or uAdvise to share will, financial plan, estate plan and other important documents with financial advisors.


The key advantages of uDocument

Ability to safely store and share documents
Access to needed documents— anywhere, anytime
Share documents with family members, financial advisors, and lawyers
Automates reminder notice generation and updates
Easily file and find needed documentation